Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An ending.

This have been part of my life for almost 4 years. I kept part of my memories here just to remind me that life is so short that each steps that i chose have definitely make an important impact in my life. Now that my high school days are over, i choose to look forward and move on. I learned a lot from those experiences and it has changed me to become a better person now, and to not take things for granted. I believe that its better to regret to do things than to not to do it at all. I thank God for helping me to survive until today with my love ones on my side. I now decided to leave this to create another great memories as i move on to new stage of life. I cherish what i have here and just to read back everything in here makes me smile. 'Cause i now realise that i am capable on achieve things if only i put my whole heart into it. And the best thing is, i know those who have been on my side all this while. I am going to miss & remember all this. This marks an ending of LIVING LIFE. But yet, an ending is the start of another new beginning.
With this, i'm officially moving to
Thanks, people. :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

The countdown starts.

It is comfirmed.
6 days to go starting from today. And, i am scared. I hated it more when people say to me that i'm gonna do fine. Well, what if i'm NOT?! Damn ann, why would you even think that? *Knock wood, knock wood, knock wood*. I seriously can feel my heartbeat goes dup dap dup dap.
Aaaarrghhhhhh, i'm scareeeeeeedddddddddd.
I have to chill. I did my best, righht? Yes, i did.
Pretty please God.
The nerve is really getting into me. Its all i think about. Stopppppp.
Another reason for me to feel even more down for my bornday.

Monday, March 1, 2010

March, baby.

Gosh gosh gosh. Its March already. Oh yes, it is usually my favourite month of the year. Why? Easy. Cause its the month when i get older. Nothing special happens on my day actually. I never really celebrate it. I never make it as a big deal. Just to see who remembers. They usually say that those who remember are the ones who usually cares. I dont know if it's true thou. It just that when it is my birthday, it feels like such a blessing to live another year for another great memories. It sound so emotional, i know that, but it just feels that way. The sense of gratitude.

Flash backs during previous years, at March, it was when
i usually got tanned. That means that i'm still having my sport season, checking in hostel for training and going somewhere for tournaments. I still am but obviously not for MSSM, not anymore. I also had to balance my time well for my studies because this month was also the start off for examinations. I get darker & thinner, because of the lack of rest and sleep. Those were during the school days.

2010's March. What to expect? A lot.
Of course, me being 18 is something to look forward too. But the most waited moment to be dreaded about is non other than SPM result.
After that, i have to start thinking of further studies.
Where i head to next? When exactly? What to pursue?
All this questions in my mind is still waiting for it answers. I'm scared, anxious, worried. This mixed feelings is getting on to my nerves. And i even talk to myself. Talk to God. For real. I prayed.
"God, i don't care if my birthday sucks. All i wish for is that i will get SPM results with flying colours. It will all worth it."
But then, i know i worked hard for it. I just don't know if it's good enough. So, i should be grateful with whatever i get. Because i struggle really,really hard. I'm not the only one. I'm sure most of us did our best. I just have to be patient for a little time more. It is so soon anyway. So now, 18 alert! The day after tomorrow.

18=Key to adolescence stage of life.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


A trip out from KK was definitely a break that i need. A break from a whole lot of chaos that happened in my life lately. Fresh air out of the city, especially with great buddies, have always been the best cure for most people including myself. I had a blast, guys.

We should do this again sometimes.
So......... Next stop.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The V-Day.

Valentine wasn't so bad for me this year. Yea, yea. It changed from 'in a relationship' term last year to 'it's complicated' term of relationship this year. To some people, it might look sad but to me, it's just another chapter of life that i want to get over with. Another fresh start i hope. And you guys know exactly what i mean by that. After all, seeing somebody but you know that you dont want to be tied to a so-call-relationship yet is soooooooo typical.

My 'Valentine' (notice the inverted comas) this year is non other than my guy bestfriend. Woozie.
It turned out that the spark of his life got work on V Day, and as we suppose to meet the next day, the day that he's going back to kampung with his family, so we hang out on that day instead. After i come back from kampung. It's been awhile since we got to spend time with each other and i got to say i do miss him a lot.

The fact is it is always easy to be around him, i dont really have to behave like a true girl. I can just be disgusting and not ashamed of it. But still, no matter how, i know he sayang me.
That day, we just watched a movie, and acted as we're a couple, taking the couple seat. Then we just walked around, get coffees and catched up on life. There's once he said that
"You do know that people like us always started as best friends first then they ended up liking each other at the end and got together?"
I could only just laughed. I just replied that it is quite imposibble for things like that to happen between us. But let's just follow the flow and be best friends for now.
Come on. He's in love with one of my girlfriends. We even tried to find a gift for her but too bad, most of the shops were closed on account of Chinese New Year. Hey, it's the thought that counts, righhtt? Don't worry Wooz, you make an effort. Debs think it is hilariously sweet, isn't she?

I sayang you, Woozie. Knowing you for almost 8 years has been really great. You're one awesome friend. You might just not realize that.

Well, well, well.
Happy Valentine's Day to all.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Just a wrong feeling to have.

I feel so pathetic now.
All thanks to you.
It just that........
It is so dissapointing that i wanted to tell you so many things and all i can do is..................

shut up.
Now, i just need to do something. To feel great.
Because if i don't, i ended up thinking about crappy things that i shouldn't be thinking about.
And plus, my sayang was too busy to hear to my craps.
Bah siapa laa baa saya ini kan?
It such a bad, bad feeling to have." Gosh Ann, what a loser."
And guess what?
I couldn't even deny that. Sighhhhhhhh.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fractions of recollections in my mind.... ohhh BWR

For real. I can't believe it at first. Yet, after the last show's done, everyone, the team were jumping and hugging each other.
We did it, guys!
After two months of hard work and sleepless night, it's finally over. We got all the positive responses for our theathre. Thanks to those who come and support us. We can't say enough how grateful we are to all of you. To the team, you don't know how much i miss all of you. The time we fool around, have fun. I mean all those memories are simply something to be cherished.

So now Kundasang laa kan, guys? Gosh, i cant wait.
Ohh. I almost forgot. BWR DVD IS ON SALE NOW.
It is a must have.